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Security and Passwords

Q – I’ve forgotten my passwords – where can I find them?

A – Your passwords for each marketing system are shown via the first page you come to when you access the service from your Dashboard Member Page – either they are set out specifically, or you will find them via the orange tab on the top right of the page.

Q – Can I change my passwords?

A – Yes, you can change any of your passwords for the different services, via your Dashboard Member Page.

Please make sure you email us with your new passwords, so we can change the links on your Online Dashboard.

You can change your master password for your Online Dashboard in My Account.

Q – Is my information secure?

A -Yes your Online Dashboard is protected by an up to date SSL certificate which keeps your information and passwords secure.

Email addresses

Q – Can I add new email addresses eg

A – Yes, you can create new ones via your website hosting control panel.

Please go back to your Dashboard Member Page to access it.

Email Marketing

Q – How many sent emails are included in my dashboard package?

A – It depends which level of package you have. Classic includes up to 2,000 emails per month.

Unlike many email systems, there is no limit to the number of subscribers you can send emails to.

You can send additional emails above your package level at an extra cost – just £10 per bundle of up to 2,000 emails.

You can also upgrade: Pro members can send up to 8,000 emails per month and Premium members can send up to 10,000, included. There are many other benefits too.

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